Quality Customer Care Loan Center


The BestCashAdvance® Difference is Quality Loan Service

  • The convenience of online account management for your payday loan
    • At home, at work, at 4am or whenever convenient.
    • Need a new payday loan? Just click and go, and it's in your account tomorrow.
    • Want to repay $50? Our smart system will pay fees first and then the principal balance with any amount left over. No calculators needed.
    • Payments on your principal balance as low as one cent are accepted.
    • Forgot about scheduling a payment? We'll send you a reminder e-mail.
    • Want to change your payment? You can do it online or give us a call.
  • Quality Customer Care ensures that you:
"OK, you're good to go"

Our Quality Customer Care Center gives you the backup you need when you have a question or experience a problem. They know the answers, and they want you to, also. They'll show you how to lower the cost of your fast-cash loan; they'll answer the phone fast — no waiting, and no machines during regular work hours. In minutes they will teach you all you need to know about managing your online cash account, and if you are having a problem getting to a computer they will complete the transaction for you. Your days of long lines, bad music, and half answers are over. "OK, you're good to go," is our favorite saying.

BestCashAdvance® Advantage is Our Lower-Cost Loans

  • Our discounted fees for payday loans will make you happy.
    • Our Quality Care staff will help you to get there.
    • Keep the money for 3 days or 12 weeks, depending on your state rules.
    • Receive a higher credit line and the lowest fees on the Web.
The Best Cash Advantage is Integrity

  • We provide our corporate information before you enter any personal data.
  • We show you exactly what you will pay.
  • We compare our fees to other companies.
  • We e-mail your loan note as soon as you apply.
  • No need to fax a copy back.
  • We get your approval before we send your fast-cash loan.
  • You establish a PIN number for security.
  • We set up firewalls for the same reason.
  • We encrypt your personal data.
  • Our privacy policy is clear.
You Get These Benefits:

  • A lower-cost loan.
  • The convenience of online account management.
  • The privacy you need.
  • The security we deliver.
We Do All These Things and More

  • Disclose all costs, including your APR.
  • Respect your privacy.
  • Give you increased credit.
  • Reduce your fees.
  • Deliver what we promise.
BestCashAdvance® is Your Smart Money Connection

It doesn't matter why you need the cash.
It does matter that your fast-cash loan comes from a lender that you trust.

It doesn't matter if you need the fast-cash loan for 3 days or 12 weeks.
It does matter that your lender gives you many payment options to reduce your overall cost.

It doesn't matter if you request $100 or $750.
It does matter that you receive the fast-cash loan with some of the lowest costs.

It doesn't matter if you have your own computer.
It does matter that you have computer access and an e-mail account.

It doesn't matter if this is your first fast-cash loan or your 20th.
It does matter that BestCashAdvance® customers receive the benefits of some of the cheapest loans on the Web.

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