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Cash Advances With the Lowest Rates, Most Flexible Terms Highest Level of Respect

When life throws you a curve, what you need is cash… fast! What you don't need is a complicated application process, a customer service agent with an attitude or scams that trick you into paycheck advance loans you'll never be able to repay.

Getting the emergency cash you need should be easy and affordable. That's what makes BestCashAdvance® unique. You can easily get your money overnight without worrying about:

  • Fees - You'll get the some of the lowest short-term paycheck advance fees online. And they keep getting lower the longer we do business together*.
  • Time Period - You choose the length of your cash advance — from 3 days to 10 weeks*.
  • Payoff Regulations - We make it easy to pay back the emergency cash you borrowed. No ridiculous rules about payoff amounts or time frames*.
  • Privacy - We never sell your data... ever!
  • Repeat Loans With No Faxing - Send all your information for your first paycheck advance and then receive repeated loans for 3 months. Get the details here.
  • Customer Service - Handle your business online or with the assistance of a helpful live customer service representative.
  • Full Disclosure - No hidden fees. No complicated formulas. You will fully understand the details of all your cash advances.
  • Integrity - We pledge to treat you fairly and with the respect you deserve at all times.

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Borrow More, Pay Less

Not only do we want your business, we also want to keep your business. Our customer loyalty program gives you a way to decrease the interest rates on future emergency cash loans. Established customers — those who have successfully borrowed and paid back just 4 paycheck advances — automatically get reduced rates on all future transactions.

*Some states strictly control the term, amount, and fees of your loan. If you are in one of these states then we must follow the rules in your state.

Compare our fees to those of other paycheck advance companies. You'll quickly see just how affordable BestCashAdvance® is. In addition to the lowest rates on short-term cash advances, you'll also receive:

  • Online Account Management - Process your own loans for emergency cash online any time of the day or night.
  • Increased Credit & Decreased Rates - The longer you do business with BestCashAdvance®, the higher your credit limit gets and the lower your rates become.
  • No Credit Check Loans - No credit reports are run, and no minimum credit score is required.

Are you over 18 and have a checking or savings account? Do you have a steady job earning at least $1200 a month?