5 Important Reasons You Can
Trust Best Cash Advance® for Payday Loans

  1. Your fees decrease as you learn to be a Smart Money Consumer. As you borrow and repay loans, two things happen. (1) The amount available for you to borrow is increased. (2) The fee you are charged decreases because you learn to keep the cash only for the days you need it. Three days until payday — no problem. You pay only for the days you use the money and the first day is free.
  2. We don't hide behind the internet. We clearly disclose our address and a telephone number where you can reach a payday loan representative during normal business hours. Do you really want to disclose your private information to a company who won't tell you where they're located?
  3. No broker's fees. Because you borrow directly from Best Cash Advance®, there are no broker's fees. Those savings are passed along to you in order to keep your fees at the lowest rates possible.
  4. Payday advance fees are made clear on our site. Companies who aren't upfront about their rates for payday loans should make you think twice. Best Cash Advance® always posts our rates for payday advance loans clearly on our website. No runaround. No bait & switch. Just tell us your zip code and based on the rules for lending in your state, we will disclose rates and Annual Percentage Rate on all loans.
  5. Your privacy is respected and protected. Providing personal information through a website that isn't secure is just like asking an identity thief to help him or herself. Best Cash Advance® takes every possible measure to make sure your privacy is well protected while applying for emergency cash via our site. We secure our web pages with a reputable security service and all pages that ask for private information are secured (check for the lock icon in the upper left corner). Our servers are firewall protected to prevent hackers from getting to your personal information.

What's more, since our beginning in 2002 we have never given, loaned or sold your personal information to any third parties for any reason. By applying for payday loans at other companies, you just might get more than you asked for because your personal details are shared with other businesses including email spammers, telemarketers and more.

When you're ready to apply for a payday advance, trust the company who has been providing secure transactions at the lowest rates online since 2002.