Direct Deposit Payday Loan Provided by BestCashAdvance®

BestCashAdvance® gives direct loans to customers who need a cash fast guaranteed loan. You can get a direct deposit payday loan into your checking or saving account the next day via ACH. A direct loan gives immediate access to cash. Payroll loans direct to your bank account is the best way to get a cash fast guaranteed loan. When you need a direct loan to meet a cash crunch, BestCashAdvance® is ready to help with a direct deposit payday loan. We're a different kind of payday loan company.

BestCashAdvance® will:

  • Get you the fast direct loans you need.
  • Provide a lower-cost loan.
  • Directly deposit your fast direct loans to your account.
  • Answer all your questions.
  • Give you the privacy and security you require.
  • Put you in control of payment options.
  • Give you the money when you need it.
  • Reduce your fees.
  • Increase the amount you can borrow.
  • Treat you as a valued customer.

You will get the direct loans you need fast with quality customer care, privacy and security for your personal data.

BestCashAdvance® Provides Some of the Lowest Fees on the Web

Don't take our word for it. You be the judge! Compare our rates for yourself. Your pay options are flexible, and you pay only for the days you need the cash advance. We have special promotions that save you money, and we pay you a referral fee for telling others about our superior service. Our customers are smart consumers, who know that payday loans with some of the lowest fees on the Web are cheaper than bank NSF fees.

Deposit it Directly to Your Account

Both checking and savings accounts are acceptable for direct deposit of your payday loan funds. We do not deposit to corporate accounts.

Answer All Your Questions

Our Quality Customer Care staff is lonely. Our system makes it so easy to get repeat loans that we'll look forward to your call, and answer all your questions. Repeat direct deposit loan customers just "click and go."

The Privacy and Security You Require

Our President is a privacy freak. Your personal information is never sold. Please read our Privacy Policy, and understand that the lawyers made us put in all the wherefores, etc. We share some pieces of your information because we are required to. For example, in order to send money to your bank, we must provide our ACH (Automated Clearing House) service with your checking account number. Otherwise, your direct deposit payday loan won't get there. Our personnel are trained, and trained again on privacy issues. Remember, our President is a privacy freak, and also drives us nuts about security.


We use SSL (secure socket layer technology). This protects your data as it travels across the Internet. That means that BestCashAdvance® encrypts your personal data. This is the same level of security that your bank uses. The only difference is that we test it more often than they do.

Treat You as a Valued Customer

Honestly, we don't approve everyone for a loan. We want people whose identities we can verify, and people who recognize that payday loans are short-term emergency loans for a specific time period. People who value a low-cost loan, and are working to improve their financial situation are our best fast direct loan customers. Many of our established customers take out a $500 direct loan for 3 days to close the gap to payday. Sometimes, through our resource pages, Money Does Matter, we are able to give clients a different perspective on how to look at their finances. When we accept a new customer, we accept a friend into our family, and you will find that all of us value you, not only as a customer, but also as a person, who is working toward a goal we can help with. We'll do our best for you.

Welcome to BestCashAdvance®