Cash Advance Required Documents

Repeat customers receive loans by clicking on the amount they wish to borrow.

Please note that these documents are required for your first loan only.

Documents to send to ensure quick cash to your account for your first loan:

  • Your 30-day bank statement:
    This can be your official monthly bank statement, or it can be a print out of the last 30 days of your on-line account. We require a bank statement to verify the deposit of your payroll funds. Direct deposit is not a requirement, and payroll deposits to savings accounts are acceptable.

To E-mail Documents:
BestCashAdvance® is very security conscious. In order to protect the integrity of our database, we do not accept e-mail attachments, which can contain computer viruses, however, you can use your copy function to copy and paste the bank data from your on-line bank statement into the body of the e-mail. The e-mail subject should be "Cash Advance Documents" so that our staff can quickly begin processing your loan.