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BestCashAdvance® Provides Lower-Cost Loans

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"I started a new job, moved my home, moved my account, and I hadn't used BCA in over 6 months when I needed them fast. They were great. No hassles. They were there for me, and they trusted me."

"Some months I only need the money for 3 or 4 days until my biweekly pay comes in. Other companies make me pay for the money for days I really don't need it. With Best Cash, I just pay it off anytime I'm ready, and they only charge for the days I use it."

"The kids, the car, it's always some expense I hadn't planned on, but the Best Cash staff taught me how to use Smart Money to get reduced fees. Now I'm an Established Customer, I have earned more credit, and I know how to keep my loan cost at a minimum. No more NSF fees. No more closing one account and opening another. And I don't need to use more than one company because they let me pay it off at my pace up to 12 weeks. Sometimes I pay it fast, sometimes slow. It usually depends on how my car holds up. The big thing is it's affordable."

"I'm paid weekly, but my rent bill is once a month, and despite saving as much as possible, I am usually $100 short. I take a BestCashAdvance® of $100 on the last day of the month, and pay it off the next payday. This way I know I'll have enough to cover the rent check, and I won't be charged a $55 NSF fee. My $100 loan costs me $1.50 a day usually for no more than 5 days or $7.50. It keeps me from worrying about that rent check bouncing, and my landlord is now a good credit reference."

"I'm paid monthly. It's hard to manage your money over a whole month, but BestCashAdvance® helps because by the time I get to the 25th, I'm out of cash. I just figure out what I need to the end of the month, go to the web site, click how much I want, and John tells me I'm good to go. I pay it off on the first. This is way better than trying to get money from my credit union when I need it. Best Cash understands FAST."

And More

"I've been with some companies that charge $124 for a $200 loan. There's no way to make that work for you. With Best Cash I'm sure that I'm getting the best deal at the best cost from people I can trust.

"You guys are great!"

"I know if it's helping me so much, it's helping others too. You don't have to let anyone into your business. It's private, and easy."

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